My Philosophy:

A Scientific Approach :

I was fortunate enough to find the answers I was looking for after years of consistent research. I started following the elitist in the field of Exercise Science; Such as Dr.Brad Schoenfeld the expert on Muscle Hypertrophy. Dr.Eric Helms, the Godfather of the Muscle & Strength Pyramids. Dr.Mike Israetel, the “MRV” conceptualizer, Lyle Mcdonald , Alan Aragon & many more.

As soon as I started applying all what I have learned I’ve seen vast improvements not only at the gym but in my recovery abilities which is a commonly overseen and un-accounted factor in most generic training programs. I learned the hard way, that training hard is effective when you are training smart.


Customization & Individualization:


One of the main reasons that I feel people are appalled by the idea of dieting is due to the accumulated past negative experiences. Their approach to food selection is in either Black or White. What I mean by that is that they either eat a whole large pizza or just end up dreading every minute of dieting scuffing down bland oatmeal & running fad diets such as the “Single fruit diet”.

Too many restrictions or no restrictions at all; Which is also known as an “All or nothing Approach”. Which is why most diets don’t survive past that special event you’re dieting for or taking off your shirt for beach season.

What I believe in is this:- flexibility with moderate restriction. Having a diet based on mostly healthy food while fitting in foods that the individual actually enjoys eating. For example, If someone really likes Cereal but dislikes oatmeal ; Which option do you think would help them adhere to their diet ? Obviously the enjoyable food option will make dieting a more enjoyable process as long as they stay within the daily caloric intake to achieve their bodycomposition goals.


With that said, people are different. Some prefer the "Clean eating" approach while others enjoy fitting certain types of food within moderation "IIFYM". as I always say to my clients, communication is key to finding the best approach to setting up your diet. together we can figure out what's best for you through thoughtful trial and error.




People have different goals. This is something that might sound like an obvious statement but a lot of coaches think that all their clients want to look exactly like them. Some might want that but others might have different goals. For example, Ladies generally want to accentuate their feminine features of their lower body such as the Gluteus / Quads & Hamstrings. While guys, might invest most of their time at the gym towards building their upper body, such as their chest, shoulders & arms.

Now, I do not support neglecting training any body part, But prioritizing certian bodyparts is definitely a viable strategy especially to those of more training experience under their belt.

Having a long term goal whether it's gaining strength or building muscle is best achieved when there's a clear vision of how a training program is set on a long period of time. Or in other words, Following a Periodized training plan.

Where does Periodization come in play ?

When it comes to building muscle, It's well established in the scientific literature that gaining muscle is not limited to a certain set of rep ranges, rather it is possible to see muscle gain across a wide variety of rep ranges. (6-12 Reps, 15+ reps)

 A periodized training program offers the benefits of reaping the rewards of training in various rep ranges with the manipulation of volume and intensity spread across the same week (Micro-cycle) or several weeks (Meso-cycle) in advance.

Every aspect of training is put in to consideration when customizing a training program for my clients, including the difference in lifestyle, availability to train & most importantly recovery. Which is a common overlooked aspect of training.


Coaching Terms and Conditions

1. Results are variable to the individual.

I'm a firm believer in hard work. Especially when hard work is applied in a smart manner, it always takes you a step closer to reaping the best results for the Individual. These results will differ according to your genetic potential, adherence and discipline. I can guarantee that when we both work together we will do our best to get the most out of the time we have together. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. No breaks.


Skyscrapers aren't built in a day, Yet you don't see builders slacking off every other week. They remain consistent until the work is done. That snow ball effect of daily work is what leads to the desired end result. As a team we have to set deadlines and work together through any difficulties that we may face. Dieting requires discipline and consistency as it's the magic formula for success.

As a coach, I work off data collected by you along a period of time. I can't optimize your training program for you if you aren't serious/consistent/committed to the process that we have started.

Commitments shorter than 8 weeks don't work, as more time is needed for me as a coach to assess and adjust.

Having a restart of the whole process every couple of weeks will only work against you and the results you want.

If you can’t continue the plan for some reason I’ll be happy to give you some parting advice on how you may continue your training and nutrition when you are able to move forward with it and be successful.

3. Once you Commit, there are no take backs.

If you commit to being a client of mine, you become my priority. Your questions and your progress/results are a reflection of how capable I'am of doing my job.

As a coach, one of my job descriptions is to hold people accountable. If you commit to being a client of mine there will be no Refunds or take backs. As this plays a role in to motivating you to staying Committed and see the process to the end.

Nothing is more detrimental to someones chances of success than not going through with a sound plan.

Thank you for understanding

Islam AbuAuf