Coaching Terms and Conditions

1. Results are variable to the individual.

I'm a firm believer in hard work. Especially when hard work is applied in a smart manner, it always takes you a step closer to reaping the best results for the Individual. These results will differ according to your genetic potential, adherence and discipline. I can guarantee that when we both work together we will do our best to get the most out of the time we have together. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. No breaks.


Skyscrapers aren't built in a day, Yet you don't see builders slacking off every other week. They remain consistent until the work is done. That snow ball effect of daily work is what leads to the desired end result. As a team we have to set deadlines and work together through any difficulties that we may face. Dieting requires discipline and consistency as it's the magic formula for success.

As a coach, I work off data collected by you along a period of time. I can't optimize your training program for you if you aren't serious/consistent/committed to the process that we have started.

Commitments shorter than 8 weeks don't work, as more time is needed for me as a coach to assess and adjust.

Having a restart of the whole process every couple of weeks will only work against you and the results you want.

If you can’t continue the plan for some reason I’ll be happy to give you some parting advice on how you may continue your training and nutrition when you are able to move forward with it and be successful.

3. Once you Commit, there are no take backs.

If you commit to being a client of mine, you become my priority. Your questions and your progress/results are a reflection of how capable I'am of doing my job.

As a coach, one of my job descriptions is to hold people accountable. If you commit to being a client of mine there will be no Refunds or take backs. As this plays a role in to motivating you to staying Committed and see the process to the end.

Nothing is more detrimental to someones chances of success than not going through with a sound plan.

Thank you for understanding

Islam AbuAuf